Bad Channels are a Toronto based electronic duo signed to Buzz Records. Comprised of Nick Grottick and Jess Gierusz, the pair met as teenagers but began collaborating musically as Bad Channels in 2012. At first working primarily as producers, they created beats for rappers ISSUE, Kitty Pryde, and more recently produced “Girl Flex,” a single from Antwon’s Double Ecstasy EP.  

As the project evolved Grottick and Gierusz become interested in incorporating a broader range of influences into their sound, diverting attention from their production work and immersing themselves in Toronto’s thriving DIY scene as they focused on new material that featured Gierusz as a vocalist. In this arrangement they forged a new direction, spending a year developing their live show playing with acts like HEALTH and U.S. Girls, building a sound that combines ethereal synthpop with noisier, almost industrial elements, recalling influences as varied as Section 25, Ministry, Cocteau Twins, Cabaret Voltaire and Toronto contemporaries like Crystal Castles, Trust and Purity Ring.  

Their newest single, “Stars,” is a reflection of this process, building from a stripped down vocal and synth arrangement, adding increasing layers of detail before reaching a peak as diaphanous as it is anthemic. “Stars” will appear on Bad Channels’ debut full length, to be released on Buzz Records in late 2016.