Toronto’s Beta Frontiers was born in Michael Butler’s living room— a home studio experiment in electronics that bubbled over into an arpeggiated assemblage of countless influences. Following the encouragement of his close friends, he wrote and recorded his first EP “….”  a retro-futurist racer that was as sleek and modern as it was vintage; which featured the haunting pop anthem “Hondo” w/ Becky Ninkovic. 

After a self-imposed hiatus, Beta Frontiers has returned with "If I Stayed," a new collaboration with DIANA's Carmen Elle. The song is the first single from Beta Frontiers' new EP, Heights, which will be released on Buzz Records on May 5th, and is his second collaboration with Elle, following their 2014 single "So Cold," which attracted attention from outlets like Noisey, Spin and Gorilla vs Bear. 

Though he has been immersed in production and remix work for artists like Weaves, Fear of Men, PONY and Odonis Odonis, this track is the first release from Beta Frontiers (AKA Mike Butler) since his last collaboration with Elle, and it was constructed over the course of several months, with Butler initially sending Elle a beat to work with before taking it apart and rearranging his production around her contribution.