Blessed's contribution to the release is the sprawling "Sound," the band's first new music since their critically lauded II EP was released in April of 2017. Over their two EPs released to date the band have had praise heaped on them from outlets like Stereogum, Noisey, Consequence of Sound and FADER, as well as from their fellow Western Canadians Purity Ring for their ambitious, tightly coiled post-punk. This new single delivers in the cerebral style that is rapidly becoming their calling card, bursting with ideas and consistent sonic surprises that can barely be contained in its 7 minute run time. 

Tracked in Montreal with producer Jace Lasek, "Sound" came together over an extended period of experimentation, as Blessed's Drew Reikman tells Stereogum: 

"We tracked 'Sound' during a session in Montreal with a new producer, Jace Lasek, he says. "It evolved from a scratch take we did; wherein the drums came out sounding how we wanted immediately and we were able to use the extra time to experiment sonically and build on top of the initial demo. We invited our friend, Ola Kado, into the session to track violin pizzicato, which we ended up blending into the last half of the track. The song grew into itself over an amalgamation of new ideas we all brought to it, and we're excited with where it ended up from where it began." 

Tunic's "Teeth Showing" by contrast is a furious 2 minute squall, a vicious burst of energy that communicates the potency of the band's revered live shows, honed during a packed two years of touring in North America and Europe behind 2017's Boss and 2016's disappointment EPs. During the time on the road the band have shared stages with acts like Single Mothers and METZ, and "Teeth Showing," displays a seemingly effortless intensity that would excite fans of either band.

"'Teeth Showing' was one of the last songs we wrote in 2017," says Tunic's David Schellenberg. "It’s one of those songs that just sort of fell out of us. We had just wrapped up about half a dozen other songs, so we knew what ideas were working, so we just went with it and we created what we jokingly called our 'Rock Song'. Lyrically, this song continues to explore my dissatisfaction at the time with some of my more recent life choices. I describe things about a former partner that I miss, and that use to be really important to me."