Fake Palms share "Collar Bone" from "Heavy Paranoia" EP on Stereogum

After the release of last summer's critically acclaimed self-titled debut LP, Fake Palmsreturn with a new rager "Collar Bone" taken from their delightfully titled EP, "Heavy Paranoia". Michael le Riche tells Stereogum:

"I can’t fully describe how afraid I am to live in the modern world. It is a frightening time to be alive and I often think that we’re living in the opening monologue of a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie. We’re setting ourselves up for collapse environmentally and economically, and have some of the greatest minds in the world warning us over and over again, but we’re obsessed with iPhone apps, memes, and cheap gas. Donald Trump will become president and open racism and hate won’t just be allowed it will be enforced. Where’s my own private island? I want the fuck out of here."


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