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BUZZ Spotify Playlisting Round-Up

Ian Chai


ew BUZZ ish playing on Spotify RIGHT NOW:

Twist's "Going Home" on Ultimate Indie ( & Indie All-Stars ( and "Leave This Town" on Badass Women (

Casper Skulls' "Primeval" on Indie All-Stars (, "You Can Call Me Allocator" on Garage Jams (, and "Nighthawks" on Punk Unleashed (

Weaves' "Slicked" on New Indie Mix ( & Alt Rocked (, "Law and Panda" on Punk Unleashed (, and "One More" on Canadian Indie (

PONY's "I Don't Know" on Punk Unleashed ( & New Punk Tracks (, and "Healthy Brain" on Garage Jams (

Peeling's "Rattlesnake" on Punk Unleashed (

Fake Palms' "Glass Walls" on Punk Unleashed (

Beta Frontiers' "Still Love" on Canadian Indie (